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Zwichenzug Holding Zone

Hampton Roads Daily Press | State's law on sex act challenged
A Newport News woman charged with a felony for receiving oral sex in a car is challenging a state law that prohibits certain types of sex between consenting adults...Virginia's statute on crimes against nature says people can't have oral or anal sex, whether homosexual or heterosexual. But the law doesn't specify whether the sex is illegal in public or in private.

(via Matthew Yglesias)
Must read! Kathryn Cramer | Iraq: The Secret Policeman's Other Ball
I started this post -- concerning the role of private military companies and mercenaries in Iraq yesterday. But I was so shocked at what I was finding that I had to sleep on it before I could continue.

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Clarke Asks Anti-Bush Group to Pull TV Ads
Richard Clarke said he instructed his lawyer to ask the Voter Fund to pull the ad, which Clarke said was created without his knowledge or permission. The group said it rejected the request.

transitlibrarian | 3/31
One guy who showed up for the 8:00-midnight shift said his neighbor works for the Met Council. This neighbor told him that they are just waiting for us to fold. The neighbor also said that there are plenty of people who work over there who believe that we are being treated very poorly by the Council.

TC Metro | Wednesday, March 31 | Another important reason for the strike:
There are now a significant number of legislators in the MN House of Representatives, who along with Governor Pawlenty truly believe that mass transit is a waste of money. These representatives, now with the added power of the governor's office, have been able to substantially decrease funding to our bus system. They believe that it would be far more productive to build roads with any mass transit dollars they can get their hands on.

Fedral Contractors Must Post Union Notes (AP):
Government contractors must post notices telling workers that they cannot be forced to join unions, under a regulation issued by the Bush administration on Monday. The notices also must inform workers that in states where they are required to pay dues, nonunion members can object to their funding activities unrelated to collective bargaining and contract administration, and are entitled to a refund or fee reduction, said the Labor Department, which released the regulation.

Augusta (AP) | Steel workers strike at Augusta plant:
About a hundred employees of Cives Steel Company have gone on strike after talks soured between the union and company management.

The Sumter Item | A lesson from the homeless:
Until recently, Pocalla Springs Elementary fourth-grader Chad Richardson, 9, thought that homeless people "thought different than someone who's not homeless." Now, Chad says he knows homeless people don't think differently. "They just are different," he said. "We learned that 750,000 people are homeless every night."

Tacoma Tribune | Business| Benefits, two-tiered pay system will be key issues:
As negotiators for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and the major grocery store chains head to the bargaining table, here is a primer on the the main issues they'll be wrestling with, and some of the key questions shoppers may face if a strike occurs in Puget Sound.

(via The Joe Hill Dispatch)
Report Shows 'Unequivocal Evidence' That Media Violence Has Significant Negative Impact On Children:
In the short-term, media violence can increase aggression by priming aggressive thoughts and decision processes, increasing physiological arousal, and triggering a tendency to imitate observed behaviors. In the long-term, repeated exposure can produce lasting increases in aggressive thought patterns and aggression-supporting beliefs about social behavior, and can reduce individuals' normal negative emotional responses to violence.

Wampum: Convergences and Divergences:
At some point, Napoleon knew. At some point Donitz knew. At some point Hindenburg knew. The other side was winning the race. The other side had solved the logistics problem. The other side was producing lowest cost counter-force, and nothing could change the outcome.

RAC just pointed out on MtP that 90% of the population of Morocco and Algeria, who's governments are allies of the United States ... now hate the US. He mentioned Hosni Mubark's comments to the Egyptian Army at Suez, "Instead of having one (Osama) bin Laden, we will have 100 bin Ladens."

Indian Country Today [2004/03/19] United States wants international ruling kept secret: "The United States is attempting to keep secret an international ruling that affects American Indians and property rights. The ruling, in the case of the Western Shoshone, calls for a review of all U.S. law and policy regarding indigenous peoples and in particular the right to property."

Related article
Further Study Ordered On Mercury Regulation ( "The move followed revelations that the EPA had short-circuited the traditional rulemaking process and had adopted some industry recommendations verbatim. "
Excite News | Robot Race Ends As All Entries Break Down: "Two of the entries covered about seven miles of the roughly 150-mile course while eight failed to make it to the one-mile mark. Others crashed seconds after starting."
Top News Article | | Iraq Council Signs Constitution; Top Cleric Unhappy: "Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, who wields immense influence over the country's 60 percent Shi'ite majority, said in a statement Monday the interim charter would make it harder for Iraq to agree on a permanent constitution, a foundation for democracy."
All's calm on snowy streets: "The bus strike was quiet on all fronts Friday -- until the Minnesota Taxpayers League lobbed a grenade into the battlefield.

'Transit just isn't that important to the smooth functioning of the Twin Cities transportation system,' said league President David Strom. 'That's the obvious conclusion to be drawn from the lack of chaos engendered by the bus-system strike.'"
Chicago Tribune: Ex-wife refuses to back down from Hull: "Beleaguered U.S. Senate candidate Blair Hull on Friday produced an array of character witnesses to blunt accusations he verbally and physically abused his ex-wife Brenda Sexton, but Sexton shot back that Hull was trying to sully her reputation by suggesting she exaggerated the charges to squeeze him for money.

'I will not be victimized by him again about the events surrounding our divorce,' said Sexton, whom Hull married and divorced twice within a span of three years.
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Pineapple pizza to go? : "Luigi Amaduzzi, Italy's ambassador to the UK, doesn't like the way his country's cuisine has been hijacked. And as Europe draws closer, he wants to see national dishes saved from the cultural blender"
Aljazeera.Net - Turkmen, Kurdish tensions on the rise: "Some 50 angry Iraqi Kurds have ransacked the offices of the Iraqi Turkmen Front (FIT) political party in the northern city of Kirkuk, the second time in four days."
TAP: Web Feature: United Front. by Harold Meyerson. February 27, 2004: "They are, by conservative estimate, the two most goddamn tenacious unions in the United States. The Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE) and the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union (HERE), which Thursday announced their intention to merge, are each known for two of the most remarkable long-term campaigns in American labor history."